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Sports Madness in the United States

The Reflection of American Values

In the United States, there are as many people who play sports as there are people who watch it. Sport is indeed considered an excellent reflection of American values: competition, fair play, performance and surpassing oneself.

Americans immerse themselves in these values ​​from childhood. Throughout their schooling, they will be encouraged to practice physical activity. Educational establishments do not skimp on resources. Thus, they do not hesitate to invest in expensive infrastructure. Students, therefore, spend long hours exercising at school; much more than in other countries.

The Madness of University Sports

Why such public enthusiasm for university sports? This is a question I kept asking myself when I lived in the United States. There are several reasons for this.

First, there is always an emotional connection between his city, his university and his colors. Parents often support the colors of the university of their children but also of their old university, even if it is different.

Then, the parents meet during matches during which they socialize with other parents, often over a drink. Baseball is a great example of socialization in the extreme. Who can sit between two and three hours talking to their neighbor?

And finally, as far as academics are concerned, joining a team or being part of the supporters is synonymous with integration and belonging to a group.

Every year in March, Americans literally go crazy with the aptly named March Madness. It was during this time that the finals of the university basketball league (NCAA) were held. For some, this championship is even more exciting than the professional league. It is on this occasion that the future Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will be discovered.

The Uprising Popularity of Soccer

One new sport is exploding in popularity in the United States. Soccer which is already the most popular sport in the world has started to boom in the USA in the last decade. The very successful performance of the national team in some international competitions will certainly have a major positive impact on the development of “soccer” on American soil.

According to certain projections, “soccer” could even overtake in the coming years the sports rooted in American society such as American football, baseball or ice hockey.

Cultural and Financial Aspect

If this craze for sport can be explained by the cultural aspect, the sports industry also has a great responsibility. The world of sport is a real business. Players, sponsors and television channels earn millions of dollars each year. This success inspires more than one.

The typical example is the final of American football: the Super Bowl. The financial stake is immense. The 30-second advertising spot is worth several million euros. On this occasion, advertisers compete in creativity and Americans would not miss these advertisements for the world!

In the United States, almost all amateur, semi-amateur and professional sports are broadcast on national television. This greatly helps to highlight the positive aspects of physical exercise but also strengthens the “show” aspect that Americans particularly like.

The choice is yours: field, sofa or stadium!