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Camp check-in will be from 12-1pm on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at Cary Quad. There will be a camper and parent orientation immediately following in Lambert Fieldhouse.

Housing and Meals

Campers and counselors will be housed in an air-conditioned, double occupancy Residence Hall called Cary Quad. If a roommate was not requested, one will be assigned.

*Residential (overnight) campers will receive housing and breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rooms include bed linens (pillow and light blanket) and a wash cloth and towel. Please remember to bring your own toiletries, and any additional necessities with you.

*Commuter (non-overnight) campers will receive breakfast and lunch. Commuters need to be dropped off each morning between 7:00-7:30am at Cary Quad for the morning shakeout run and picked up after the afternoon session around 5:00pm.

*Half day commuters should be dropped off by 1pm each day at Lambert Field House and picked up after the evening activity. That time will vary and will be announced. Dinner is included for half day commuters.

Medical Care and Insurance

Athletic Trainers are on duty during camp hours. They will provide immediate medical attention to anyone who is injured or becomes ill. They will also attend to general athletic training needs. The major hospitals in the area are all located within fifteen minutes of camp facilities. All campers are covered by a blanket insurance policy covering injuring sustained at camp. Coverage does not include preexisting conditions. This coverage does not replace personal health insurance. Prior to any camper participating in camp, a copy of the physician examination and a parent authorization must be received. Parental authorizations may be signed at check-in or sent ahead of time. A copy of the physical used for school or other athletic events are perfectly acceptable as long as it was administered within 365 days from the first day of camp.


Each camper should wear comfortable work-out clothing (t-shirt, shorts, etc.) for each camp session. Additionally, campers should bring their own workout gear, including event specific shoes/spikes, and implements (poles, shots, discuses, etc.) if they have them. Mark all individual equipment so it can be identified easily. *We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

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