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When should I register? Can I wait until the beginning of summer?
Because we host a smaller camp to maintain a high quality coach/camper ratio, our camps tend to fill up rather quickly. We recommend registering as soon as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to hold a spot (see question below). We will, however, put your name on a waiting list once the camp is full.

Can I pay a portion now and then complete my payment at a later date?
Our system is set up for a one time payment in order to register and ensure a spot at camp.

Can I pay a portion/deposit now to hold my spot? Can you hold me a spot for one of the sessions?
We do not have a way to hold a spot. Our camp fills up rather quickly due to the low numbers so we recommend registering as soon as possible.

What is the coach/camper ratio? Why is your camp small?
We maintain a coach/camper ratio of 1 to 5. We strive hard at this number to maintain the highest quality camp for the athletes and to waste as little of time as possible standing around in line.

Who are the coaches? Does Coach Adam actually coach everyone? Does Kimiko coach?
Adam and Kimiko work with the campers every day. We feel strongly about our involvement with EVERY camper and not just a select few. The other coaches are members of the Purdue University diving team, other elite universities and USA Diving club coaches. Most have experience with coaching elite age-group divers.

How do I know I registered and actually have a spot at camp?
Once you register online, you will receive a confirmation email as a receipt of your payment being processed and another email from us confirming your registration. Upon registration, in the confirmation email, you will then receive additional, specific information regarding camp including medical forms to fill out, list of things to bring, rules and regulations, airport transportation forms, etc. If you do NOT receive any confirmation form- you are probably NOT registered for camp and an error may have occurred during your registration if this happens, contact Kimiko Soldati ([email protected]) as soon as possible to ensure you have a spot!!!! If you do not receive any confirmation and camp fills up, your name will have to go on the waiting list.

Camp is full- do you have a waiting list? What are my chances of getting in?
Yes, every year we have had a waiting list of over 30 people for each session. Email Kimiko Soldati ([email protected]) and provide the following info: Name, gender, age, phone number to be reached, email address, session preferred (I, II, first available, both). If we get down to your name, Kimiko will contact you as soon as possible to see if you would like the spot. Once contacted, there will be a deadline to return an answer so we can continue to move down the list. Every year we have gone down into the waiting list- and often it is at the last minute due to cancellations.

Do you do more than the 2 sessions listed online? Do you have any camps at other times during the year?
Not at this time

What is the age limit/requirement?
We recommend divers be at least 10 years old to attend camp but exceptions can be made. Younger campers may do better as nonresidential as opposed to residential. Please contact Kimiko Soldati ([email protected]) to discuss options. There is no upper age limit!

What kind of experience should I have? What are the qualifications? What if I haven’t been diving that long? Is everyone really, really good?
Our camp has a wide range of abilities- from kids who have never dived off a board to national champions. If your son or daughter just started diving- this would be a GREAT camp for them because she would get instructed in the correct mechanics and techniques from the start. We also divide the kids up into groups based on age/ability and friend requests… so the kids will feel more comfortable learning new dives/techniques with other divers that are working on the same thing. Many kids feel very intimidated when they come to camp- thinking everyone else is REALLY good and they come to find very quickly that we will meet there right where they are and the kids always feel very comfortable.

What is the processing fee for?
The processing fee is the 3% fee that the credit companies charge. We don’t see a dime of that fee, it comes into the merchant account and immediately out to the credit card companies.

What is the refund policy? Do I get my processing fee back if I have to cancel?
As stated on the website:
Refund/Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel your registration, a 90% refund (not including processing fee) will be granted if a request is received in writing or electronically 21 days prior to the start of camp. 70% refunds will be granted if the request is received in writing or electronically within 21 days up until the start of camp. Refunds will not be granted to those who do not cancel prior to the start of camp. Boiler Diving Camp is not responsible for costs incurred due to cancellation.
No, once you have registered, the refund policy excludes the processing fee as it has already gone to the credit card company.

What time zone is West Lafayette?
EASTERN!!!!! Please note this if you are traveling from Chicago area or portions of Indiana!!

What do I need to bring?
Once you register, you will receive a brief checklist of items to bring. The thing you absolutely need to bring (other than your swim suit!) is your tennis shoes for conditioning. We also recommend a fan as the dorms are not air conditioned in the rooms.

Do I need to bring my own bedding, linens, toiletries?
The dorms provide sheets, pillow, towel, & washcloth. If you want your own pillow- you may want to bring that. In your registration confirmation email you have a brief checklist of stuff to bring. You have access to laundry facilities if you need it.

How much spending money do I bring?
In the past, if kids spend money it will be on pizza (many order late at night to the dorms), items at the bookstore to bring home, one of our camp t-shirts we sell, and little extras like candy/pop/etc. Over the weekend (for kids staying for both sessions)- we go bowling, to a outdoor water park- we will pay for those activities- but if you want to buy extra food/drink/snacks, then bring some extra for that.

How are the campers supervised? Will they be supervised at all times?
YES! We have 2-3 staff counselors in each section of the dorm and campers are not allowed to leave the building for anything other than practice/meals unless they have notified a counselor. Campers are supervised at the dorm, pool sessions, walking to/from practice, and all evening activities. We take this very seriously and ANY violation of the rules regarding supervision will result in the camper being sent home with NO refund.

Can 3 people share a room?
No, dorm policies restrict room occupation to 2 people per room.

Can I request a roommate?
You are welcome to request a roommate. All requests need to match on the application form upon registration. Roommate assignments are done 1 week prior to the start of the session. We will be happy to accommodate you on being placed by friends!

How are the boys and girls separated at the dorms?
We separate the genders away from one another and have separate corresponding counselors in each section. See rules/regulations on the website.


Do I need to come on registration on Sunday?
Yes! You need to register and receive your meal card. After introduction meeting, we will eat dinner and head over to the pool for a workout- so bring your suit/towel/etc!

Where do I drop my day camper off in the morning?
At the Boilermaker Aquatic Center.

When do I pick my day camper up in the evening?
All required activities are listed on the weekly schedule handed out at registration and they can be picked up anytime after that. However, Our day campers have loved being a part of the evening activities with all the athletes and so we often recommend that the camper calls their parents upon completion of the evening activity to have them come pick them up. See schedule for evening activities.

How do I get to camp?
Campers are responsible for providing transportation to and from camp at their expense. Many drive in with parents or other campers, or fly into Indianapolis International Airport (IND).

I’m going to be competing at regionals and zones- will my training for that be affected?
We can work with the divers on whatever they would like to work on. Many of our divers who attend camp are focused on performance rather than learning new dives due to the regionals and zone meets… we will focus on list order and performance with those kids. We just encourage our divers to communicate with us on what they would like to work on and we will get it done!! You are welcome to have your coach email us also if there are specific things they would like for us to work on.

Can I arrive late or leave early due to regionals or other competitions?
Yes, many of our athletes have to arrive late due to competitions- that is fine. Email Kimiko Soldati ([email protected]) to arrange details of registration and check-in and/or check-out.

Can parents come watch practice?
Yes. Parents are welcome to come observe practice from the spectator section in the Boilermaker Aquatic Center. There will be an diving exhibition on Thursday at 2:30pm where the kids will perform many of the new dives they learned- even with bubbles, calls and whatever they need!!!

What is different about Boiler Diving Camp? Why should I come there instead of another camp?
Our camp is unique in that we limit the number of athletes as opposed to other camps in order to maintain a very high quality camp. We try and keep the coach/athlete ration at 1 to 5. Another benefit is that Adam and myself work with each and every kid every day. We feel strongly about our involvement with EVERY camper and not just select few. Another special aspect of our camp is our mental approach to the sport. As you know, being involved in diving, it is the mental side of this sport that often is the reason for poor performances. So, Adam and I feel it important to share the same techniques we use with our university athletes and do our best to impart wisdom in this, often neglected, aspect of training. Our camp is very fun and we have a great time with the kids and we feel it is so important to emphasize that while we love and are passionate about diving- it is just a sport and we care more about character development and their growth as people and not just athletes.

I am fairly serious about diving, should I attend 1 or 2 sessions?
Two weeks of camp is beneficial and we recommend it to particular divers for a few reasons. One, it allows for the athlete to really work on the techniques that get introduced the first week. They get introduced to a lot of physical as well as mental techniques throughout the camp and having more days to practice allows for the athlete more repetition to apply it under our supervision. Also, our two-weekers don’t have to take the time in the 2nd week to go over some if the intro material and can jump right into their training to work on those skills. Another fun benefit is the weekend. The weekend is a fun time for the campers who stay over. They get to train at the same time as our university team and we do special outings- like bowling and a water park with kids. We also enjoy the extra time, as a coaching staff, to get to know the divers even better- which we love being able to do!